The Delft-FEWS user community has grown rapidly over the last years. From many different countries new Delft-FEWS users joined and started to configure their own Delft-FEWS system(s). Delft-FEWS has been implemented in more than 40 countries as a primary operational forecasting system en in total the Delft-FEWS user community (forecasters, researchers, students) consists of more than 350 registered users. 

In the forum, you can pose (technical) questions, share your experiences in configuring and using Delft-FEWS. Please take a moment to help out your community members!

On the events page, the presentations and pictures of the Delft-FEWS User events (Userdays worldwide) can be found. If you haven't witnessed an event you can download the presentations of your interest!

The Community Strategy Board (CSB) pages are also listed here. Click this link to view them.

Please browse through these pages and in case of remarks or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us at