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RE: How to access FewsWebServices.war file?

In general this can be made available, but it has to go via FEWS Product Management. The WAR-file is not open for public download. If you would like to have this, please contact FEWS Support...

André Speelmans | 25 August 2020 | 68 Views

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How to access FewsWebServices.war file?

How can the FewsWebServices.war file referenced in the Public Wiki...

Andre Della Libera Zanchetta | 17 August 2020 | 118 Views

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RE: ["Export"] Cannot export GFS forecast data to ascii grid

Hi Ivo, Thank you for all your assistance. The latter suggestion helped to solve the problem.   The main issue,  as I understand, was in the  in the  section of the export module. It should've been...

Dmitry Kushnir | 25 June 2020 | 208 Views

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Extend temporary import with CSV and NetCDF

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Polar wind plots that combine wind direction and wind velocity

Wind induced hazards often originate in a combination of wind speed and wind direction. Visualization of these two parameters in...
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Sharing threshold events via the Delft-FEWS web services

Extending the Delft-FEWS web services with threshold event information
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