Delft-FEWS courses

Delft-FEWS courses

Delft-FEWS courses at the International Deltares Software Days

Every year, Deltares organizes multiple Delft-FEWS courses as part of the Delft-FEWS software days at Deltares, Delft. These courses are intended for users that want to build, configure or extend their own Delft-FEWS system with the latest software features.

In 2017 a completely new set of Delft-FEWS courses was developed; the existing courses have been  split up into several topic related modules ,which  now include the newest functionalities and spread a wide range of possible applications of the Delft-FEWS software. To register for one of the new Delft-FEWS courses please visit the website of the Delft Software Days.

On the download page a demo version of the Delft-FEWS Basic Configuration Course and the Delft-FEWS Archive and PI web service course can be found.

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