Delft-FEWS courses

Delft-FEWS courses

Learning Delft-FEWS

Delft-FEWS is incredibly versatile software, it is a platform that is used for flood forecasting, reservoir management, real-time operations, hydrological data validation and much more. This is because the system is highly configurable with users having the ability to set the look and feel of graphs, create customized displays and link over a hundred different types of import data and models.

Learning how to build and configure your own Delft-FEWS forecasting system is the topic of this page. Learning Delft-FEWS configuration can be done through different ways:

  • eLearning

  • Delft-FEWS Wiki

  • Instructor-led courses


If you are completely new to Delft-FEWS we suggest starting with following the Basic Configuration Course on the Deltares Academy eLearning platform. This course contains 12 modules and will give you a strong basis for Delft-FEWS configuration. It will introduce you to different concepts of Delft-FEWS and show how to work with the Delft-FEWS platform. The course is self-paced, which means you can follow it in your own time and once finishing the course you can become a certified Delft-FEWS configurator!

Delft-FEWS Basic Configuration Course – Demo 

Please contact for more information about standard or personalized eLearning courses or to register on the waiting list.


Delft-FEWS Basic Configuration Course – Software 

Delft-FEWS Basic Configuration Course – Course Materials 


Delft-FEWS Wiki

The Delft-FEWS Wiki is the place where all Delft-FEWS documentation is hosted. If you are looking for information, the easiest way is to search for it on the internet! The search results will often link you to the correct page on the Wiki. If you are beginning with FEWS configuration we suggest reading the Configuration Guide.


Instructor-led Courses

Deltares also offers instructor-led courses on the Delft-FEWS software. These are organized around our Delft Software Days, but it is also possible to host your own Delft-FEWS course on request. Instructor-led courses are the fastest way to learn Delft-FEWS configuration and allows you to ask questions and get feedback from Deltares experts.

The following courses are hosted during the Delft Software Days, more information can be found via the links below: