Delft-FEWS International Community Strategy Board

On the 27th of October 2015 Deltares has established a Delft-FEWS International Community Strategy Board (abbreviation: CSB). Deltares considers the CSB to be the independent advisory body for the management of and developments within Delft-FEWS. We expect the CSB to play a permanent role in the Delft-FEWS community and to be a continuous representation of the key players in our community. Deltares wants the CSB to be our partner in strategic discussions and to jointly define priorities for strategic developments for the Delft-FEWS platform.

In short this also means:
  • Participate actively in Delft-FEWS2020 process
  • Discuss support and maintenance and other services
  • Funding mechanisms and business model
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Representation of the community

The members of the CSB can be found here

The timeline of the (teleconference) meetings, agenda's and minutes can be found here.