CSB Members

The current members of the CSB are:

Organisation Represented by
Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) - Australia Jeff Perkins
Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) - Australia Bruce Quig
Dutch Waterboards (DWB) Roger de Crook
Environment Agency in England (EA)  
Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Amy Tavendale
Federal Office for the ENvironment in Switzerland (FOEN) Martin Ebel
National Weather Service in the USA (NWS) Jon Roe
from 2017 onwards: Dr. Tracey Flowers
Rijkswaterstaat in the Netherlands Marc Philippart
Deltares-USA Edwin Welles
Deltares / Delft-FEWS Product Management

Nadine Slootjes
Marcel Ververs
Gerben Boot


International Delft-FEWS Community Strategy Board

Group photo of the CSB taken on 25th of October 2016

(from left to right: Gerben Boot (Deltares), Martin Ebel (FOEN), Nadine Slootjes (Deltares), Marc Philippart (RWS), Amy Tavendale (SEPA), Edwin Welles (Deltares-USA), Bruce Quig (BoM) and Marcel Ververs (Deltares). Missing on this picture: Jeff Perkins (BoM), Roger de Crook (DWB), Jon Roe (NWS) and Deb Summerskill (EA)