Delft-FEWS Demo Version Abilities

BULUT AKKOL, modified 1 Year ago.

Delft-FEWS Demo Version Abilities

Keen Forecaster Posts: 1 Join Date: 12/6/12 Recent Posts link addresses me to the last available Demo  version of Delft-FEWS.
Does this DEMO version contain the whole ability of Delft-FEWS software? or are there some features that is blocked by the system.Last question is : is it possible to get latest version of Delft-FEWS?thanks in advance
Arjen Haag, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: Delft-FEWS Demo Version Abilities

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Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in Delft-FEWS.

The DEMO version comes prepackaged with the features required for that specific demo. The Delft-FEWS software has a lot of potential features, none of which are blocked, and can all be created from the demo application yourself, but this does require knowledge of the software and XML. See also the FAQs on this portal and the WIKI. Typically, a Delft-FEWS system is tailor-made for a specific purpose and/or client. So also in your case, it would depend on your specific needs.

Currently, you can get the DEMO versions which you already found. We're looking into the best way to make the latest version available through the portal. However, if you're only just getting familiar with the software, the demo versions should be more than enough to get you started. If at any point in time you want to explore other options, feel free to contact us by email (see Contacts link at the very bottom of the page).

Best regards,