Alerts for non-arrival of data

Alex Minett, modified 18 Days ago.

Alerts for non-arrival of data

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Is there is a way to trigger an eventcode for non-arrival of data in Delft-FEWS? I checked the SystemMonitorDisplay (where the custom colours are displayed) but can't see anything there. Does anyone have a solution for this?
Klaas-Jan van Heeringen, modified 7 Days ago.

RE: Alerts for non-arrival of data

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Hi Alex,
We usually configure a secondaryValidation, where we check if data is available for some key timeseries. If not, a user-defined logmessage and eventcode is generated. Based on that, you can trigger an email to be sent by the MC to inform you about this. See below config example. Note there is no way to do it based on a datafeed, only on available data on locations. Although, I  know a colleague who made a fancy script to derive the status from a report system status html and to trigger from that script an email alert.
See for more information and examples regarding the validation module and  regarding sending mail alerts.

Success! Klaas-Jan