Connecting Delft3d to DelftFEWS: Restart files

HAMZA OUSOUKHMAN, modified 25 Days ago.

Connecting Delft3d to DelftFEWS: Restart files

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Dear Delft3d and DelftFEWS users,

I would like to connect Delft3d to DelftFEWS but I meet some issues about the restart files (.res and .rst).

I already visited deltares web site ( in order to find a solution to my issue. However, I did not understand the manner how to create the restart files that should be used in general adapter:


In .mdf file:
Restid= #dcsm98.rst#

In the Delft-3D manual, it is stated that the restart can be written as <> or <tri-rst.runid>. I am wondering if It can be possible to use <tri-rst.res> as result files (by just replacing .runid with .res of the restart files) ?

I will appreciate if you can provide me with the instructions to create the files (.res and .rst).

Thank you in advance for your response.