Scheduled forecast

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Scheduled forecast

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I'm hoping that I can have a general adapter run automatically at midnight such that it will produce an up-to-date time-series dataset read by an external API. Essentially I have data being entered daily into a SQL database from which I'd like to leverage FEWS to do the data processing before exposing it though my API.

My question is: What would be the best way to make this happen? Would I go through scheduler (either Windows Task Scheduler or Crontab on Linux) to somehow call the FEWS forecast, or is there some capability already built into FEWS?  If so, how would I go about that?

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RE: Scheduled forecast

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Hi Mason,
there are multiple ways to deal with this. The best solution is off course an Operator Client setup, as that is designed for these operational activities. But I can imagine you do not want to go that route and want to stick to a Stand Alone setup.

I suggest you take a look at the following wiki pages, that give some options and examples.

Note: there are some caveats to this approach. You will have to test if this is a problem (or not) in your application.