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Delft-FEWS User Days at the Delft Software Days (26-27 Oct.)

On 26 and 27 October the Delft-FEWS User Days take place at the Delft Software Days. Delft-FEWS is a two-day event which allows you to share your experiences and new developments with Delft-FEWS users across the globe. This year, next to the traditional sessions dedicated to configuration and new features of the software, we will expand our focus and look at the world of forecasting beyond the Delft-FEWS environment. For instance, how do I improve forecast(s) by using tools and techniques for forecast verification? How do we facilitate the decision-making process and what is the role of Delft-FEWS in this process? Another topic we will explore is ‘How do we strengthen the interactions among Delft-FEWS users regarding sharing experiences and shared implementation of new features? And of course we will be looking back on the first year of the ‘International Community Strategy Board for Delft-FEWS.

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