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Delft-FEWS international user meeting 2020

04 November 2020 - 05 November 2020 Deltares, Netherlands

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Delft-FEWS Australian User Days

17 June 2020 - 19 June 2020 Brisbane, Australia

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Delft-FEWS Regionales Anwendertreffen 2020

17 June 2020 - 18 June 2020 Essen, Germany

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Job advertisment: head of Saxon Flood Centre

This job advertisment reached us via one of our colleagues : The free state of Saxony offers a job opportunity in the field of hydrology/meteorology in a leading position (head of...

Ilonka ten Broeke - Krottje | 29 January 2020 | 32 Views

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RE: Plotting arrows over gridded data in the spatial display

Hi Fay, currently it is not possible to combine arrows from a time series with magnitude values from another timeseries in the spatial display. The configuration example attached shows...

Gerben Boot | 15 January 2020 | 36 Views

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Plotting arrows over gridded data in the spatial display

Hi, I would like to plot the wind arrows (arrows only not magnitude raster) over another layer (surge raster) in the Spatial Display, is this possible? I cannot see an option to turn off the...

Fay Fishford | 8 January 2020 | 59 Views

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