Support and Maintenance Services 

Deltares offers the following high quality support and maintenance service packages  for the Delft-FEWS software (with different service levels, response and resolution times):

  • Basic Service Package

  • Full Advanced Service Package

  • Professional Service Package

A special support and maintenance service package is available for intermediaries (consultants using the Delft-FEWS software to support their clients) to be able to provide support to a variable number of clients.

Service Packages for 2023

In addition to the standard service packages, optional service modules can be added on request such as a dedicated test system at Deltares, upgrade performed by Deltares, extra blocks of support hours. More information on  these service packages and additional modules can be found on this page 

Operational Services at Deltares  

Deltares has facilities to provide two types of services: 

  1. Hosting a copy of your operational system for support and maintenance purposes like for instance reproducing encountered issues, testing patches and upgrades, etc. 
    For more information please contact:   

  1. Hosting operational data services 
    For more information   

Availability of Operational Services 

To ensure continuous operation every last Thursday night of the month the Deltares ICT department performs maintenance on all the servers of the systems hosted by Deltares.  

There could be some interruption to our services during that night (CET) and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Everything should be back up and running within a few hours.  

In case the last Thursday of the month is a public holiday in the Netherlands; maintenance will be rescheduled to the second Thursday of the month.