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Coastal systems are among the most dynamic physical systems on earth and are subject to a large variety of forces. The morphodynamic changes occurring to coastlines worldwide are of great interest and importance. These changes occur as a result of the erosion of sediments, its subsequent transport as bed load or suspended load, and eventual deposition. 
Estuaries are partly enclosed water bodies that have an open connection to the coast. Estuaries generally have one or more branching channels, intertidal mudflats and/or salt marshes. Intertidal areas are of high ecological importance and trap sediments (sands, silts, clays and organic matter).
Within the Delft3D modelling package a large variation of coastal and estuarine physical and chemical processes can be simulated. These include waves, tidal propagation, wind- or wave-induced water level setup, flow induced by salinity or temperature gradients, sand and mud transport, water quality and changing bathymetry (morphology). Delft3D can also be used operationally e.g. storm, surge and algal bloom forecasting. 
On this discussion page you can post questions, research discussions or just share your experience about modelling coastal and/or estuarine systems with Delft3D FM. 




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Cannot Run Example 01

Benjamin Tyner, modified 2 Months ago.

Cannot Run Example 01

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Hello,I cannot seem to run example 01 after compilation on Windows. Here is the error I am getting
Working directory: C:\Users\tynerb\Desktop\d3dfmt\src\bin\x64\dflowfm\scripts
D3D_HOME         : C:\Users\tynerb\Desktop\d3dfmt\src\bin\x64\dflowfm\scripts\..\..\..
ARCH             : x64
executing: "C:\Users\tynerb\Desktop\d3dfmt\src\bin\x64\dflowfm\scripts\..\..\..\x64\dflowfm\bin\dflowfm-cli.exe" --nodisplay --autostartstop
 Error: Missing arguments.
 Usage: dflowfm-cli [OPTIONS] [FILE]... FILE may be one of the following types:
  *.mdu                 model definition file
  *.cfg                 display settings file
  *.pol, *.xyz, etc.    additional model files Options:
   --autostart MDUFILE
       Auto-start the model run, and wait upon completion.   --autostartstop MDUFILE
       Auto-start the model run, and exit upon completion.   --noautostart MDUFILE
       Disable any AutoStart option in the MDU file (if any).   --partition: OPTS (MDUFILE|NETFILE) [POLFILE]
       Partitions the unstructured model+grid in MDUFILE into multiple files.
              or: the unstructured grid in NETFILE into multiple files.       POLFILE is an optional polygon file which defines the partitions.
       Only used when ndomains in OPTS is undefined or 0.       OPTS is a colon-separated list opt1=val1:opt2=val2:...
         ndomains  = N     Number of partitions.
         method    = [01]  Partition method: Recursive Bisection(0), K-Way(1).
         genpolygon= [01]  Generate partition polygon(1), or not (0).
         contiguous= [01]  Enforce contiguous grid cells in each domain.
                           Only available when K-Way is enabled (method=1).
         icgsolver = [67]  Parallel CG solver (When MDUFILE is specified).
                           6: PETSc (recommended), 7: parallel GS+CG.
         ugrid     = [01]  write cf UGRID 0.8 (0, default) or UGRID 1.0 (1)   -t N, --threads N
       Set maximum number of OpenMP threads. N must be a positive integer.   --processlibrary PROCESSLIBRARYFILE
       Specify the process library file to be used for water quality processes.   --bloomspecies BLOOMSPECIESFILE
       Specify the BLOOM species definition file to be used for water quality pr
 ocesses.   --refine: OPTS NETFILE
       Refine the unstructured grid in NETFILE from commandline.
       OPTS is a colon-separated list opt1=val1:opt2=val2:...
           drypointsfile=<filename (*.pol, or cutcellpolygons.lst)>   --make1d2dlinks[: OPTS] NETFILE [-o OUTPUTFILE]
       Make 1d2d links for the given NETFILE and save the resulting net.
       OPTS is a colon-separated list opt1=val1:opt2=val2:...
         method       = (1to1 | 1ton_emb | 1ton_lat | long)  Coupling method.
         linktype     = N    The link type (kn3) that will be used for all links
                             (only for method=1to1).
         connect1dend = VAL  The search distance for coupling 1D endpoints.
       OUTPUTFILE is the name under which the file will be saved.
         When not specified, the original NETFILE will be overwritten.  --cutcells NETFILE
       Cut the unstructured grid in NETFILE with the polygons specified
       in a file called 'cutcellpolygons.lst'.  --no-geom-cache
       Do not load nor save cache file with geometry information.   -q, --quiet
       Minimal output: Only (fatal) errors are shown.   --verbose[:level_stdout[:level_dia]], e.g., --verbose:INFO: DEBUG
       Set verbosity level of output on standard out and in diagnostics file.
       where level is in: {DEBUG|INFO|WARNING|ERROR|FATAL}
       Levels are optional, default is INFO on screen, DEBUG in dia file.   -h, --help
       Display this help information and exit.   -v, --version
       Output version information and exit.
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Can someone please tell me why the example calculation will not run?
ridhi r, modified 17 Days ago.

RE: Cannot Run Example 01

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Impressive Write up. Thanks for posting
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