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DELWAQ is the engine of the D-Water Quality and D-Ecology programmes of the Delft3D suite. It is based on a rich library from which relevant substances and processes can be selected to quickly put water and sediment quality models together.

The processes library covers many aspects of water quality and ecology, from basic tracers, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, organic matter, inorganic suspended matter, heavy metals, bacteria and organic micro-pollutants, to complex algae and macrophyte dynamics. High performance solvers enable the simulation of long periods, often required to capture the full cycles of the processes being modelled.

The finite volume approach underlying DELWAQ allows it to be coupled to both the structured grid hydrodynamics of the current Delft3D-FLOW engine and the upcoming D-Flow Flexible Mesh engine (1D-2D-3D) of the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite (or even other models such as TELEMAC).

'DELWAQ in open source' is our invitation to all leading experts to collaborate in further development and research in the field of water quality, ecology and morphology using Delft3D. Feel free to post your DELWAQ related questions or comments in this dedicated forum space. If you are new to DELWAQ, the tutorial (in the user manual) is a good place to start. A list of DELWAQ related publications is available here.




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D-Flow Flexible Mesh

Cohesive sediments & muddy systems


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Compilation - Win10 - Never Ends

Lucas De Oliveira Toledo Morais, modified 2 Years ago.

Compilation - Win10 - Never Ends

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 7/27/17 Recent Posts

Hi there everyone,


I have been trying to compile Delft3D by running "delft3d_open.sln" for a couple of days and the same problem pops up repeatedly, namely, the compilation never ends.

When it stops responding depends on the Delft3d version that I am trying to compile.

Important to notice is that if I run "dflowfm_open.sln" it compiles successfully.


I attached the compilation log for the Delft3dFM_9180 tag.


I left the computer compiling overnight at work and after reaching "89>delwaq2 - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)" it goes into ,what seems to be,an endless loop.

Visual Studio stops answering and trying to stop the build is pointless, so that I am always forced to manually restart my machine.


Can someone shed some light on this?


Thanks in advance.


Machine Specs:

Core i7-7700-3.60 Ghz

Ram: 32 GB

Win10 64




Visual Studio 2015 - Update 3

Intel Parallel Studio 2016

Delft3DFM_9180 - delft3d_open.sln


Adri Mourits, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: Compilation - Win10 - Never Ends

Yoda Posts: 1212 Join Date: 1/3/11 Recent Posts

Hi Lucas,

I have the same problem (VS2017 with IFORT19 on Windows 10). The work around is to compile the projects separately, instead of all together. The problem only appears on Windows 10. Some combinations of VS with IFORT don't have the problem. There is probably something in delft3d_open.sln that Windows10 doesn't like.