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DELWAQ is the engine of the D-Water Quality and D-Ecology programmes of the Delft3D suite. It is based on a rich library from which relevant substances and processes can be selected to quickly put water and sediment quality models together.

The processes library covers many aspects of water quality and ecology, from basic tracers, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, organic matter, inorganic suspended matter, heavy metals, bacteria and organic micro-pollutants, to complex algae and macrophyte dynamics. High performance solvers enable the simulation of long periods, often required to capture the full cycles of the processes being modelled.

The finite volume approach underlying DELWAQ allows it to be coupled to both the structured grid hydrodynamics of the current Delft3D-FLOW engine and the upcoming D-Flow Flexible Mesh engine (1D-2D-3D) of the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite (or even other models such as TELEMAC).

'DELWAQ in open source' is our invitation to all leading experts to collaborate in further development and research in the field of water quality, ecology and morphology using Delft3D. Feel free to post your DELWAQ related questions or comments in this dedicated forum space. If you are new to DELWAQ, the tutorial (in the user manual) is a good place to start. A list of DELWAQ related publications is available here.




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D-Flow Flexible Mesh

Cohesive sediments & muddy systems


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Error message relate to vs library in tools_glp

Gabriel Ruiz, modified 6 Years ago.

Error message relate to vs library in tools_glp

Padawan Posts: 59 Join Date: 9/30/11 Recent Posts
Last weekend, I downloaded the newer version of Delft3d that we can find on the trunk folder of Deltares repository. I compiled Delft3d ver. 3688 using Visual Studio 2008, Intel Fortran 11.0.61 in Windows XP. During the compilation, I got warning messages and I had only one error message, which said:
Error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from “Performing Pre-Build Event…”
File: vs
Project: vs(tools_gpl\vs\vs)

(I’m attaching the print screen of VS2008 that I got when the compilation process has finished).

I believed that maybe, this error could be a critical error. But I got the binaries files that we need to run Delft3d. I ran some test cases in order to know if the FLOW, WAVE and MOR modules had any problem and, I could run these cases without any problem.

It is only curiosity… does anyone know, how to fix this error?
How would this error affect my numerical simulations?

Thanks and regards.

Adri Mourits, modified 6 Years ago.

RE: Error message relate to vs library in tools_glp (Answer)

Yoda Posts: 1221 Join Date: 1/3/11 Recent Posts
Hi Gabriel,

Before compiling a module, a script is executed to obtain the SVN revision number and put it in a nice string together with the version number and the current date/time. Your error message says that this pre-built script execution went wrong. But only for one of the projects, namely the building of the tool vs (a stand-alone tool to extract data from nefis files). So, the full compilation succeeded, you even have a working vs.exe. The only thing that might be wrong is the version number of the vs tool. That will not influence your results.

I don't know why the error occurs on your system. A comparable script is used for all modules and they all finish without an error message except this one.


Gabriel Ruiz, modified 6 Years ago.

RE: Error message relates to vs library in tools_glp

Padawan Posts: 59 Join Date: 9/30/11 Recent Posts
Hi Adri,

I got it!
It is good to know this error does not influence in my numerical simulations.
Thank you!

Kind Regards.