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DELWAQ is the engine of the D-Water Quality and D-Ecology programmes of the Delft3D suite. It is based on a rich library from which relevant substances and processes can be selected to quickly put water and sediment quality models together.

The processes library covers many aspects of water quality and ecology, from basic tracers, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, organic matter, inorganic suspended matter, heavy metals, bacteria and organic micro-pollutants, to complex algae and macrophyte dynamics. High performance solvers enable the simulation of long periods, often required to capture the full cycles of the processes being modelled.

The finite volume approach underlying DELWAQ allows it to be coupled to both the structured grid hydrodynamics of the current Delft3D-FLOW engine and the upcoming D-Flow Flexible Mesh engine (1D-2D-3D) of the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite (or even other models such as TELEMAC).

'DELWAQ in open source' is our invitation to all leading experts to collaborate in further development and research in the field of water quality, ecology and morphology using Delft3D. Feel free to post your DELWAQ related questions or comments in this dedicated forum space. If you are new to DELWAQ, the tutorial (in the user manual) is a good place to start. A list of DELWAQ related publications is available here.




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OpenDA EnsKF - Crash Delft3D

Mariangel Garcia, modified 6 Years ago.

OpenDA EnsKF - Crash Delft3D


I'm using OpenDA with Delft3D 2D mode with time series boundary conditions. I have only 2 observation location WL and currents, model without DA is stable with 1 minute time step.

I have 15 time series BCs, to perform the assimilation every 30 minutes.

I'm trying to do 15 days simulation, model is crashing with 10, 20 and 30 ensamble I also try to assimilate only one station and it didn't work, so before going further I want to make sure all the setting are correct, I hope you can help me to find out why the model is becoming unstable.

I used the Estuary problem as a template so for the noise configuration file bbStochModelConfig_win32_ifort the setting is like this:

             <vector id="West1"/>
             <vector id="West2"/>
             <vector id="West3"/>
             <vector id="West4"/>
             <vector id="West5"/>
             <vector id="West6"/>
             <vector id="West7"/>
             <vector id="West8"/>
             <vector id="West9"/>
             <vector id="West10"/>
             <vector id="West11"/>
             <vector id="West12"/>
             <vector id="West13"/>
             <vector id="West14"/>
             <vector id="West15"/>
                <armaModel operation="add">
                    <stdDev value="0.032428488"/>
            <vector id="state"/>
           <vector id="North.waterlevel" sourceVectorId="North.waterlevel"/>
          <vector id="Mouth.waterlevel" sourceVectorId="Mouth.waterlevel"/>


and for thed3dModelFactoryConfig_win32_ifort

        <exchangeItem id="West1" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West2" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West3" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West4" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West5" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West6" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West7" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West8" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West9" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West10" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West11" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West12" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West13" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West14" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="West15" type="bound_hq" />
        <exchangeItem id="North" type="waterlevel" />
        <exchangeItem id="Mouth" type="waterlevel" />

Here some plot from output



When I checked the output from the GUI seems is adding noise only at the first BC

xi_f_0 (iteration=1):
state, State From Black Box Stoch Model Instance - containing:
noise-on-West1-a.o.= 0.057
xi_f_1 (iteration=2):
state, State From Black Box Stoch Model Instance - containing:
noise-on-West1-a.o.= 0.04
x_f_central (iteration=3):
state, State From Black Box Stoch Model Instance - containing:
noise-on-West1-a.o.= 0
analysis_time (iteration=4):
analysis_time= 5.544E4
pred_f_central (iteration=5):
predictions - containing:
North.waterlevel= -0.457
Mouth.waterlevel= -0.474

I hope this info is enough to find out what is the problem,

I am doing something wrong or I just have to increase the nr of ensamble to solve this issue?

Best Regards.