Delft Dashboard


Delft Dashboard is a standalone Matlab based graphical user interface aimed at supporting modellers in setting up new and existing models. A large number of coupled toolboxes allow Delft Dashboard for fast and easy model input generation. This Matlab environment is Deltares' playground for graphical user interface developments focusing on fast and easy model input generation. Delft Dashboard allows a model to be set-up in a matter of minutes for every location in the world. More information

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Note: source code available through Open Earth Tools


RGFGRID is the grid generation module of Delft3D. Designed so that grids can be created and modified with minimum effort. All grid operations are incorporated in a graphical user interface, providing easy control of the grid generation process.





QUICKIN is a program for the generation, interpolation and manipulation of grid related data, such as bathymetry, initial conditions or parameter fields.






MUPPET is a Matlab based GUI and a standalone visualisation tool. Its strength lies in the possibility to generate session files to create figures automatically once the layout of the figure has been determined. It is also suitable to make animations with all kind of plot features. Available through the Open Earth Tools.




The post-processing program QUICKPLOT allows you to visualise and animate numerical results produced by Delft3D and several other software packages developed by Deltares (a.o. SOBEK and PHAROS).

Announcement: QUICKPLOT is part of the Delft3D Open Source code as of April 15, 2011!

User manual







Open Earth Tools

Open Earth Tools is a file-exchange platform that archives, hosts and disseminates high quality data, state-of-the-art model systems and  well-tested tools for practical analysis in the field of marine, river and coastal engineering.   


  ORCA is a commercial MATLAB tool developed by Deltares that integrates the main aspects of analyzing metocean data. It  handles data validation, determination of mean climates, extreme value analysis, sea state analysis and persistance statistics.More information


OpenDA is a set of tools to quickly implement data-assimilation and calibration for arbitrary numerical models. OpenDA wants to stimulate the use of data-assimilation and calibration by lowering the implementation costs and enhancing the exchange of software among researchers and end-users.   








Detran (DElft TRansport ANalyzer) is a matlab based computer program that calculates and shows sediment transport rates through arbitrary chosen transects on the basis of Delft3D model output. Detran can be used from the matlab command line as a toolbox (a collection of routines/functions) or as a stand-alone executable program with a graphical user interface (GUI).



  • present map transport fields (magnitude by colour and direction by vectors)
  • calculate and present transport rates through transects;
  • load data from Delft3D map (trim) and history (trih) output files;
  • load data from a single Delft3D simulation, from a simulation with multiple conditions or from a mormerge simulation;
  • present bed load, suspended load or total transport;
  • present transport on different time scales (from seconds to years and even a user defined time window);
  • if a Delft3D simulation was carried out with multiple sediment fractions, the user can choose which fraction (or all fractions together) to present;
  • load transects from a polygon (pol) file or create them by clicking within the graphical user interface of detran;
  • save your clicked transects to a file;
  • adjust plot settings, like colour scale, vector scale, vector thinning;
  • load and plot a landboundary;
  • export the results to a matlab figure, which can be customized and printed by the user
  • save the transport data to a matlab file (mat) for later use in detran or matlab. 

Available through Open Earth Tools and here


SuperTrans is a matlab based computer program that can convert coordinates from one coordinate system to another. The program is capable of the following.

  • convert between geopraphic (lat/lon) coordinate systems;
  • convert between projected coordinate systems;
  • convert between projected and gepgraphic coordinate systems;
  • conversion of single coordinates (*.ldb, *.pol, *.xyz, *.grd);
  • conversion of files.

Available through Open Earth Tools

User manual





ldbTool is a matlab  tool with graphical user interface to edit Delft3D landboundary files.


  • edit single ldb-points (replace/insert/remove)
  • delete/show/connect ldb-segments
  • create new landboundaries
  • various glue-functions to connect separate landboundary segments
  • option to show georeference images together with landboundary
  • undo-option (max. 5 steps back)
  • several plot options, for example fill-ability of landboundary
  • and many more ldb-edit options...

Available through Open Earth Tools

vs_use.m & qpread.m


  • vs_use.m is a matlab function that initiates the use of a NEFIS file (Delft3D output file, trim-*.dat/trih-*.dat) 
  • qpread.m is a matlab function that reads the actual data from the Delft3D output file initiated by vs_use.m

The use of both function makes the loading of Delft3D output in Matlab and subsequent data handling and post-processing possible.

 Available through Open Earth Tools