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Science in the spotlight: Marine Geology Volume 345, Pages 1-326: San Francisco Bay

Special issue: Understanding sediment transport and geomorphic evolution in an estuarine-coastal system: San Francisco Bay

The San Francisco Bay Coastal System is a complex marine system with powerful waves and tidal currents, intricate estuarine circulation and sediment transport patterns, and significant anthropogenic influences. The Bay is an urbanized estuary that is impacted by numerous anthropogenic activities common to many large estuaries, including a mining legacy, channel dredging, aggregate mining, reservoirs, freshwater diversion, watershed modifications, urban run-off, ship traffic, exotic species introductions, land reclamation, and wetland restoration.

The papers in this special issue feature state-of-the-art approaches to understanding the physical processes related to sediment transport and geomorphology of complex coastal–estuarine systems using Delft3D.

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