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Stopped with error code: 1

James Bishop, modified 3 Years ago.

Stopped with error code: 1

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I am running a 10 layer DELWAQ simulation with 5 conservative tracers and twice now the simulation terminated ~ 9% into the run with the message - 'Stopped with error code: 1'.

I have reviewed the .lsp and .lst files (attached) and there are no errors indicated. I did have the iteration report turned on and when I view the .mon file (also attached) the last line of the file says - ERROR: NaN in RHS of segment: 732051

Any idea what the problem could be?

I should note that previously I successfully a similar simulation to completion; the only change I made (that I am aware of) is the concentration at one of the boundaries. Could this be causing the error?

Also attached is the input file.

Arjen Markus, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: Stopped with error code: 1

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This message indicates that the calculation became unstable - the numbers will then quickly grow towards infinity. NaN means "not a number" - computer speak for saying the result of some calculation (something like x = infinity - infinity or y = 0/0) gave a result that cannot be represented as a (real/floating-point) number.

As to why the calculation would fail if the only change is a boundary condition, that very much depends on the model you are running. It may be that in the successful run the concentrations near that boundary are zero or near zero for a long time, enough to pass over the period that the stability criteria are violated.

I didn't see your input file, but there will be more to it than merely the .inp file ;).