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Download with Tortoise SVN fails

Stijn Bruneel, modified 2 Years ago.

Download with Tortoise SVN fails

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I have been trying to download the source code from the trunk using tortoise SVN but I keep getting this error:

Error Connection timed out
68.79 MBytes transferred in 13 minutes and 38 seconds
The operation failed

Many of the required files aren't available. I tried to solve it to increase the time until time out from 60 to 900 with similar result. At a certain moment it just stops transferring.

Has anyone had this same problem and how did you solve it? I also tried to download some of the tags, which didn't work either.

Many thanks in advance,
Dwi Saputri, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: Download with Tortoise SVN fails

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Hi Stijn,

When your connection timed out, do you try to download again?
Did the svn pop up you have to clean up?
My internet connection sometimes very poor and need days to download one version.
If the connection timed out, i did clean up in svn with "break lock" checked.
Then update the download again.

I hope this could help.