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Christoforos Kapopoulos, modified 1 Year ago.


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Good Morning,

I have already received your package for Delft3D 4.03.01 and I attempted to run a specific example : ‘The Friesian Tidal Inlet’ , which is located in the Delft3D_Flow_User_Manual.

It is worth mentioning that the data for this example are from the Delft3D 4.02.01 version. In addition, when I executed the scenario (in GUI/start window) , I received the following message: ‘The d_hydro.exe file does not exist’ . Thus, I utilized the d_hydro.exe file from a previous version (Delft3D 4.02.01 ) , but then I received a new message: ‘ the MDF and DDB files don’t exist’. Can anyone  send to us the d_hydro.exe file for Delft3D 4.03.01 version ?

Please if you can, help me with this problem! 

Gabriel Ruiz, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: delft3d-flow

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Hi Christoforos,

when you download the GUI package from the Deltares ftp and you do not have the service package, it does not mean that Deltares gives us the Delft 3d system bin files, we have to compile the system souce files.

You should try to compile the Delft 3d and once you have get the bin files, you will copy these files in each of the folders you have in GUI installation folder.