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RadSurf file in BLOOM

Amelia Araujo, modified 2 Years ago.

RadSurf file in BLOOM

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I want to impose the RadSurf in my BLOOM simulation as a time series. Following the advice below, I have prepared a daily averaged file:

However, reading the manual, I still have doubts about what I should provide in this file. In page 163 of the D-Water_Quality_Processes_Technical_Reference_Manual , it says:

“The light intensity at the water surface RadSurf is the total visible light intensity (solar radiation) or the photosynthetic active light intensity corrected for reflection”.

The solar irradiance contains wavelengths other than the visible spectrum (NIR, UV), so I would say that according to this sentence I would need to correct my net short wave Radiation data to get the energy in the range 400-700nm, which is the visible and also approx. the PAR.

But, if I read the last sentence of directives for use in the same page of the manual: “Phytoplankton module BLOOM uses the daily average radiation. In its standard setting it uses total visible light and carries out corrections for both reflection and photo-synthetic fraction”

I understand that the correction for PAR is done automatically in the code and that I just need to provide the net shortwave radiation. Am I right?? This is a bit confusing for me.

Thanks for your clarifications.