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Error running morphodynamic simulation on Linux

Jacob A Morgan, modified 8 Months ago.

Error running morphodynamic simulation on Linux

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We are trying to run a morphodynamic river simulation on a Linux server, however there is a consistent error in the initialization.

*** ERROR Unknown boundary "boundary" in morphology.mor
*** ERROR Flow exited abnormally 

where "boundary" is the name of our upstream boundary and morphology.mor is our morphology characteristics file.


We have isolated the problem to the Boundary block in the .mor file, where we specify IBedCond = 3 and ICmpCond = 1.

   Name             = #boundary#                    Name of boundary as specified in BND file (1 string)
   IBedCond         = 3                             Bedload or bed level boundary condition (1 integer in the range 0 to 5)
   ICmpCond         = 1                             Bed composition boundary condition (1 integer in the range 0 to 3)

Without this block the simulation begins and runs with no problems. However, when the Boundary block is included we get the error message above. The simulation with the Boundary block runs with no problems on a Windows machine. It is only when the Boundary block is included on a Linux machine that it runs into the error.


The Delft3D version on our Linux machine is:

Repository Root:
Repository UUID: 06f92af0-93f6-47d3-9398-6fc6b9b28e5e
Revision: 59590
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: zeekant
Last Changed Rev: 59590
Last Changed Date: 2018-07-16 07:11:25 -0700 (Mon, 16 Jul 2018)

And is compiled with IFORT parallel_studio_xe_2017_update3 and using MPICH 3.2.


On our Windows machine the version is:, and is compiled using Visual Studio 2015 with Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Professional Edition 11.1.


Has anyone else encountered this or a similar error? Or does anyone know what a possible solution might be?

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