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Sediment variables in NetCDF history file all 0

Chris Flanary, modified 8 Months ago.

Sediment variables in NetCDF history file all 0

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I'm running a FLOW with sediment simulation with a structured grid and have been using the NetCDF history file for comparing hydro model output at observation stations I defined.  When I enable sediment and run the simulation, new sediment variables are created in the history file, but their values are all 0 (specifically, ZRSDEQ, ZBDSED, and ZDPSED).  However, when I look at the R1 and MSED variables in the NetCDF map file, there are values throughout the model domain for the entire model simulation, based on my sediment bed initial conditions and boundary conditions.


Are ZRSDEQ and ZBDSED in the history file and R1 and MSED in the map file equivalent variables, respectively?


My goal is to compare model and measured suspended sediment concentration at my defined observation stations.  Any thoughts as to why this is occurring?