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Delwaq2 NaN value for continuity-check

Gholamreza Shiravani, modified 1 Month ago.

Delwaq2 NaN value for continuity-check

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After running Delwaq2, the continuity value becomes NaN in some part of Domain. Could you tell me the reason of that? When the Delwaq2-parameters beom NaN (None a Number)?

Michelle Jeuken, modified 27 Days ago.

RE: Delwaq2 NaN value for continuity-check

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This could not be due to any process parameter, since no processes are involved. It could happen when you have used a transport scheme that is not appropriate for the case you are modelling and/or when your time step is too big. Try using an other scheme and/or a smaller time step. High vertical dispersion could also cause problems. You could apply a factor on the vertical dispersion from FLOW.