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Modelling the oxygen production with photosynthesis

Yuanyi Li, modified 1 Year ago.

Modelling the oxygen production with photosynthesis

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I am modelling the algae bloom and dissolved oxygen in a lake. I searched though the PLCT but failed to find the way to link the algae growth and the oxygen production.  Could any one told me how to achieve this and point the substance and related processes should be ticked on?

Arjen Markus, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: Modelling the oxygen production with photosynthesis

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If you use the BLOOM approach, then selecting dissolved oxygen as a model substance and selecting the process "BLOOM II alglae module" is essentially enough to turn on primary production by algae and the production of dissolved oxygen as a result. Several other processes are required to really turn it on, but if you inspect the list of fluxes (the way a process influences a substance), you should see "uptake of carbon by algae growth (dPrProdOxy)". This flux is used to calculate how much organic carbon is formed but also how much dissolved oxygen is produced, as these two go hand in hand.