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Nicolás Marcelo Pincheira, modified 1 Year ago.


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Dear all,


In the coupling procces for WAQ, this error appear:

NEFIS message 3006:
 Variable dimension 3 not found for:
 group "CURTIM          ", element "TIMCUR          "

  Exit from Delft3D-Coupling


If you can help me. 

Thanks you very much.




Arjen Markus, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: Coupling

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This is rather odd - we cannot find a definitive reason why this should be happening. Can you use the tool "VSI" to inspect the file?

Possible causes we can think of are:

- The output for water quality has not been turned on properly

- The period for which the output for water quality is to be written falls outside the period of the flow calculation