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Error Consecutive time in .eva file

Lisang THOURN, modified 5 Months ago.

Error Consecutive time in .eva file

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Hello all,

one of my model won't work due to error consecutive time on .eva file. this file contain daily data of whole year. So, I have plus 3  days more. But, the error remained the same. Can anyone have any idea? 

Here is all messages in td-diag:

*** MESSAGE Local time zone is UTC +  8.0 hours
*** MESSAGE Ocean heat model: Stanton number specified to be    0.13000E-02
*** MESSAGE Ocean heat model: Dalton number specified to be    0.13000E-02
*** MESSAGE Using precipitation/evaporation specified in file sampaloc_polygon.eva
*** MESSAGE Evaporative heat flux is calculated internally, independent of the prescribed mass flux
*** MESSAGE Using UNESCO density formulation by default
*** MESSAGE Number of pivot points to convert wind speed to wind drag coef.: 3
*** MESSAGE Momentum solver cyclic method is specified
*** MESSAGE DRYFLP and DPSOPT both specified in MD-file. Using DPSOPT: MAX
*** MESSAGE Transport solver cyclic-method method is specified
*** MESSAGE Reading BC-hydrodynamic file sampaloc_polygon.bct
*** MESSAGE Reading BC-transport file sampaloc_polygon.bcc
*** MESSAGE Reading Heat module file sampaloc_polygon_2016.tem
*** MESSAGE Reading Evaporation & Rain file sampaloc_polygon.eva
*** ERROR Consecutive times on file sampaloc_polygon.eva should increase