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FLOW - WAQ integration consuming memory

José Rafael Cavalcanti, modified 1 Year ago.

FLOW - WAQ integration consuming memory

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Hello all,


I am trying to export a WAQ input file from my FLOW simulations but the process is consuming too much space in my disk. If I save a comm file for further conversion it only takes 1.7 Gb. When I activate the on-line conversion to WAQ my disk memory is almost completely filled with temporary huge files, in addition to the ones I actually need for WAQ. Is it normal?



Arjen Markus, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: FLOW - WAQ integration consuming memory

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This is rather unusual - I am assuming you are referring to Delft3D-FLOW (not D-Flow FM, its successor). I just tried it myself on an example, but I see no large temporary files appear - only the ones that are to be expected.

Can you tell us the names of these files?