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Substances files

Ana Mend, modified 5 Years ago.

Substances files

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I'm trying to model an effluent from a submarine outfall.
I have data of 'suspended solids', BOD5, COD, Ntotal, Ptotal and E.coli.

I would like to model in my domain 'dissolved oxygen', 'eutrophication', 'E.coli' but also to test which primary producers (algae, etc) can suffer with the effluent.

I have some doubts, maybe you can help me. Should I:
1. use ECO in the PLCT and add 'eutrophication' together with some available substances?

2. merge oxy_general_03.sub, coli_03.sub and sed_1fraction.sub?

3. how can I model Ntotal and Ptotal ? Ntotal already includes NH4, NO3 and in Delwaq they appear in separate...

Thank you in advance

Michel Jeuken, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: Substances files

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Unfortunately there is no process to automatically separate N total into NH4 and NO3 because there is no general rule what the ratio is between the two. And N total not only comprises of NO3 and NH4, but also Organic N and algae N as well. So I’m afraid you have to make assumptions yourself about the composition of N total (and P Total) for initial conditions.

However, if you include enough relevant processes to the case you are looking at, and you run the model for a longer period, you might find out how relevant the initial conditions really are by changing them. Also the end result could give you a better idea about better initial conditions. You could use the file to use the end result as the initial conditions for another run for example. I hope this helps you a bit.