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Processes in Sediment Layer

Martin Schueder, modified 6 Years ago.

Processes in Sediment Layer

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In the Sediment Water Interaction manual, I read the following lines on pg 5:

"SWITCH is a rather complex process routine that simulates the vertical concentrations gradients of organic matter, oxygen, nitrate and nutrients (N, P, Si) taking into account 4 sediment layers, and that generates similar fluxes as well as the denitrification flux and the phosphate adsorption and precipitation fluxes. SWITCH is fixed with respect to the substances and layers, and is therefore not generic and not very flexible. Both options are described in Delwaq’s Technical Reference Manual. An additional full description of SWITCH is available too."

It says that SWITCH is fixed with respect to the substances and layers. Does this mean that if I wanted to specify a mass flux of [H+] from the sediment layer into the water column I would be unable to do so? I can specify new processes in the DelWaq process library, can I specify new fluxes for pre-existing compounds (namely H+) in the sediment layer?

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Michel Jeuken, modified 6 Years ago.

RE: Processes in Sediment Layer (Answer)

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Hi Martin,

SWITCH was not very flexible, and has been replaced by a new "layered bottom" implementation. The basic idea of this new approach is that you extent your model with extra segments which represent the sediment where the same (open) processes can take place as in all your other segments, albeit sometimes with different parameters. There you could also model your [H+] flux.

Although flexible, it is still a bit complicated to apply it, and not supported by any GUI. You wil have to manually edit input files, and have quite some understanding of how Delwaq works. A draft manual can be found here: