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Grazing of Phyto

veli yumruktepe, modified 4 Years ago.

Grazing of Phyto

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Hi everyone,

I am having trouble setting a zooplankton compartment in ECO-BLOOM module. I guess I couldn't understand the concept behind "forced" zooplankton.

My goal is to set zooplankton so that they apply pressure term on phyto. So the questions are:

1) Modify preference, so that focused pressure is on phyto
2) Set different pressures on different phyto
3) What substances should be activated at least for a decent representation

I had a few trials setting the input concentration ranging from 0.005 to 1.
At every grid cell the model achieves those concentrations. So at the end there is a uniform picture. However, I do see changes such as chlfa levels respond. Yet I am not confident with what I have.

Any suggestions?