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S1 and S2 outputs

Fabricio Fiengo, modified 5 Years ago.

S1 and S2 outputs

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Currently, I have some problems interpreting the outputs of the his output file for the layer S1 and S2. I did a trial with Cd using the low-sorption and slow-desorption options. What I see is:
For example the outputs of total mass Cd in layer S1 (g/m2) describe a nice curve (maximum value ~1600 g/m2), while for Cd in S1 (g) the results are negative. I assume that the last one is:

Cd in S1 is afunction of total mass Cd in layer S1 (g/m2) (grid size 10000m2)

Similarly for the total mass Cd in layer S2 (g/m2) is equal to 0, while for Cd in layer S2, I got positive values (maximum value ~12000 g).
If I understand well Cd in S1 and total mass Cd in layer S1 are related values (the same for S2), then, why do I have these inconsistencies?

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PS. You can find attached the .his file