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No Bed Level Update

Klaas Lenstra, modified 3 Years ago.

No Bed Level Update

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Hello everyone,

I'm using Delft3D coupled to SWAN for my work as a PhD student. The area of interest is ebb-tidal deltas. In my latest run I've encountered a problem which I'm not able to resolve.

In this run, the system is forced with both tides (semidiurnal) and waves. The first 4 tidal cycles, no bed level changes are allowed: "MorStt = 2.8800000e+003 [min] Spin-up interval from TStart till start of morphological changes". However, the model computes no bed level changes after the Spin-up. When I remove the Spin-up, the model does work (however, the results are not quite as they should be, which shows that in this case, the Spin-up is essential). Any nonzero value for MorStt gives the same problem. The weird thing is that all files (except the .dep files) are exactly the same as my other runs, which do work. Has anyone encountered this problem before and does anyone know how to solve it?

Kind Regards,
Klaas Lenstra
Qinghua Ye, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: No Bed Level Update

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Hi Klaas,

This is a bit weird, since this function people are using it everyday. It should not have any problem. Based on the information you provided, we cannot judge what the problem is. Can you offer more information?

Or it has been solved by yourself already?

Best Regards,