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DELWAQ-PART:Assigning multiple fractions with different settling velocities

Ben Williams, modified 3 Years ago.

DELWAQ-PART:Assigning multiple fractions with different settling velocities

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I have two questions about the particle tracking model in Delft3D (classical version).

1) One is able to specify multiple sediment fractions in the particle tracking module. Each fraction has a associated settling velocity. This is useful for tracking, for example, the movement of silt and mud fractions in dredge disposal operations.

However the particle tracking model seems to have a fundamental flaw: If one specifies multiple fractions with various settling velocities, it calculates the average and then assigns that single value to all particle fractions.

Is there a way around this flaw? At present I am simulating each fraction individually, which is laborious when combining together again afterwards.

2) There are a lot of extra files (such as the 'map' file) that are not needed to post-process the results. It seems to be an exact copy of the '.dat' file also produced. Thus doubling the amount of space taken up on the hard drive. Is there a way to suppress the generation of particular files?

3) Is the particle tracking model for Delft3D-FM going to be less brain-dead and more space efficient?

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Michel Jeuken, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: DELWAQ-PART:Assigning multiple fractions with different settling veloci (Answer)

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1) Each particle can have only one settling speed, since it has only one z location. there is no other work around that the one that you mention. It would be nice to have a total concentration from PART directly.

2) It is on the wish list, but there is no scheduled date to implement it.

3) I hope so too