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Prior to the Floodplain Management Association National Conference in Brisbane, the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Workshop provides a unique opportunity to have a preview and hands-on experience with D-Flow Flexible Mesh as well as hear how the program is providing solutions to real engineering problems. Cardno, our Partner in Development in Australia, is set to host this unique two-day...

As part of the Coastal Sediments 2015 conference program , Deltares Academy offers the Full-Day Course "Coastal Sediment Dynamics (recent theoretical and modeling advances)" on 11 May 2015. This course consists of two parts: a theoretical overview in the morning and a ‘hands-on’ Delft3D and XBeach workshop in the afternoon. Morning lectures will cover recent theoretical advances...

Many estuaries worldwide are becoming more urbanised with heavier traffic in the waterways, requiring continuous channel deepening and larger ports, and increasing suspended sediment concentration (SSC). An example of a heavily impacted estuary where SSC levels are rising is the Ems Estuary, located between the Netherlands and Germany. In order to provide larger and larger ships access to...

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