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Lakes and reservoirs are important resources for communities around the globe. They provide food, drinking and irrigation water and can also offer spots for recreation. Under certain conditions lakes can also represent a threat for local communities, such as flooding or limnic eruptions. The ecological state of shallow lakes may be hampered by suspended sediments due to wind driven currents and waves. In deep lakes, stratification can cause undesirable anoxic conditions in the deeper areas. Understanding these systems is crucial to enable a sound management of these water bodies.

Delft3D is the state-of-the-art modelling framework for hydrodynamics, water quality, ecology, waves and morphology.
Here, in this space, we share knowledge & experiences, and discuss issues related to modelling of lakes.






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Z-layer+Morphology and Nesting

Marina Amadori, modified 4 Years ago.

Z-layer+Morphology and Nesting

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Hello everybody,

I would like to use the morphology module in combination with the Z-layer model on a large stratified lake both to evaulate the changes in the shores morphology and keep the fixed layer discretization.
When I try to do this I get an error message from the GUI (version 4.01.00) saying that "adding sediment consituents will reset the layer model to sigma layer", but if I manually change the mdf I am able to run the simulation. Then my questions are:

1. Is there a kind of mismatching between what the GUI allows me to do and the version of delft3d-flow? If yes, has the MOR+Zmodel combination been fully tested?

2. As I am interested only on the effetcs of sediment transport in a small portion of the lake, can I simulate two nested domains in such a combination? Is there anything I must take into account in using the nesting toolbox, given that I have troubles with the GUI?

Thank you,
Qinghua Ye, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Z-layer+Morphology and Nesting

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Hi Marina,

Morphology using z-layer model is still a beta function, which means it is not fully test. Thus you are right, not all the functions can be specified through GUI. You are most encouraged to edit the text-based mdf file.

For the 2nd question, you can use the nesting or domain decomposition. But keep in mind that you can only use the same layer type for overall model and the nested model. For nesting, you might have to very careful to choose the boundary conditions. GUI in this case, again, is just one of the option, and you are still encouraged to use mdf files.

Hope this is helpful,


Crafty Pup, modified 6 Months ago.

RE: Z-layer+Morphology and Nesting

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