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Lakes and reservoirs are important resources for communities around the globe. They provide food, drinking and irrigation water and can also offer spots for recreation. Under certain conditions lakes can also represent a threat for local communities, such as flooding or limnic eruptions. The ecological state of shallow lakes may be hampered by suspended sediments due to wind driven currents and waves. In deep lakes, stratification can cause undesirable anoxic conditions in the deeper areas. Understanding these systems is crucial to enable a sound management of these water bodies.

Delft3D is the state-of-the-art modelling framework for hydrodynamics, water quality, ecology, waves and morphology.
Here, in this space, we share knowledge & experiences, and discuss issues related to modelling of lakes.






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D-Flow Flexible Mesh
Cohesive sediments & muddy systems


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Wat doe je thuis in je vrije tijd?

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