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Introduce new community manager

Dear Delft3D user,

I am the new community manager of the Delft3D 4, FM and D-HYDRO (in Dutch) websites and I like to briefly introduce myself and the new webportal. My name is Tjitske Geertsema and I am an expert in hydrology and hydraulics. After obtaining my PhD degree, I have worked in the Deltares developing team of the 1D2D software for Delft3D (will become available soon) and I have experience in river, flood and urban modelling. I like to interact and work together with clients and I hope that I can help you further with your experience with Delft3D.

In my first months as community manager I have created this new layout for the sites together with the great team of Deltares colleagues: Erik de Rooij, Ioanna Micha, Matthijs Schaap and Edward Melger. The main goal is to guide you in finding the answers to your questions, to inform you on the latest news and events and to discuss your wishes for the software and your work. At the forum discussion, you can post your latest ideas and react on others with the thumbs up. In that way, you guide us to develop our software more user-friendly.

In the upcoming months, I will continue developing the new websites and record some webinars with experts and developers. Please let us know with whom you like to get in contact.

Best regards,