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Rivers are natural water courses. They have vital contributions to the social and economical welfare of societies living along their course. They provide continuous, usually dependable, flow and supply of water. Accordingly, centralised civilisation began emerging independently along number of river valleys; e.g. the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates, the Indus and the Yellow Rivers. Since then, mankind has been in continuous struggle to understand and live in harmony with this gift/force of nature. Modelling rivers is the modern way to understand their behaviour and is an essential tool to tackle several river problems.

Delft3D is the state-of-the-art modelling framework for hydrodynamics, water quality, ecology, waves and morphology.
Here, in this space, we share knowledge & experiences, and discuss issues related to modelling of rivers.





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compilation and linking problems....

George Mitchell, modified 4 Years ago.

compilation and linking problems....

I am attempting to install delft3d open from a tagged version which I understand is stable. I am using VS2012 and Intel 2017. In the downloaded files was a Python file which I understand prepares the solution files for the compiler. That ran OK, however, when I ran the solution files through the compiler it generated over 700 errors, 900 warnings and 55 remarks. Most appear to be of the form "Error 1025 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol @__security_check_cookie@4 nefis.lib(gp.obj)" so I checked the FAQs and noted that the correct IFORT has to be referenced in the vcproj files. However, this is indeed correct in the files, but clearly these libraries are not being found. The warnings appear to relate to mismatched argument lists....but...first if anyone can help with the first 700 errors that would be excellent! The entire process took over 10 hours which seems a rather long time required to build a modelling system....