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Delft3D FM - Open Source Community

Delft3D FM - Open Source Community

This webportal facilitates the Delft3D FM - Open Source Community (447 key partners from 49 countries out of 30.000+ members in total) and enables the community to share knowledge (10.000+ Delft3D publications), to brainstorm on new features and build working relationships (6.000+ joined the Delft3D LinkedIn group). 

Delft3D is Open Source Software and facilitates the hydrodynamic (D-Flow FM module), hydrological (D-Hydrology module), real time control (D-Real Time Control module), morphodynamic (D-Morphology module), waves (D-Waves module) and water quality (D-Water Quality module including DELWAQ kernel) modelling for coastal, estuarine, river, rural and urban applications.

On this portal you can request the source code of Delft3D FM Suite or ask your question about the software or the related modules.  Additionally, we like to draw your attention to the latest news and events, FAQ, webinars and screencasts.

Feel free to explore the webportal and help the community with your questions, your knowledge and your ideas.

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RE: Really high velocitys in 3D sim. low waterlvl Error: conjugategradientS

Update: After running a lot of simulations, I found that the error message no longer occurs when I change the Solver Type as follows: Solver Type:  sobekGS + Saadilud --> sobekGS The simulation...

S Stelljes | 25 November 2022 | 3 Views

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Notes on install delft3fm (tag version 141346) on windows laptop

Hi everyone, i figured out how to build from source code to install delft3fm on my windows laptop and just want to share my notes of the key steps and how to fix bugs. See the attached .html file....

Zhiling Liao | 14 November 2022 | 93 Views

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Problem in merging restart files (parallel run in Linux)

Hi everybody, I am going to make a merged restart file from the results of an initialization run. I wrote the list of all *_rst.nc files in a text file. Then I used the following command in the...

Mostafa Nazarali | 7 November 2022 | 86 Views

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