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  • 1. Simulation input, run, performance

    Issues related to setting up a simulation, running a Delft3D Flexible Mesh simulation
    0 Subcategories 61 Threads
  • 2. DeltaShell Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    In this category you will find solutions/issues related to the Graphical User Interface - DeltaShell
    0 Subcategories 9 Threads
  • 3. Compilation and running on Linux

    Questions/solutions related to a compilation or running the Delft3D Flexible Mesh on Linux.
    0 Subcategories 12 Threads
  • 4. Installation/Compilation on Windows

    This category contains issues related to the installation or compilation on Windows
    0 Subcategories 7 Threads
  • 5. Pre & Post processing

    Issues related to preparation of your model, viewing your results.
    4 Subcategories 27 Threads
  • 6. Python Scripting in Delft3DFM Suite

    In this category we will share Python scripts, discuss the issues and share ideas how to tackle them using build-in scripting.
    0 Subcategories 1 Thread
  • 7. Other issues

    Issues that do not fit in other categories, e.g. download issues.
    0 Subcategories 13 Threads