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Development timeline for 3D Z model & unstructured waves?

Ben Williams, modified 4 Years ago.

Development timeline for 3D Z model & unstructured waves?

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For project planning purposes, is there an anticipated timeline for a release of Delft3D FM with

(a) 3D zmodel
(b) 3D z model with [T,S,Rho, outfalls, intake etc]
(c) Unstructured SWAN
(d) Online sediment transport and morphology

For example, are any of these anticipated for release in 2016 or when Delft3D FM goes open source in 2017?

Best regards,

Arthur van Dam, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Development timeline for 3D Z model & unstructured waves? (Answer)

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Hi Ben,

Thank you for your interest. Most of these functionalities are currently alpha, some in beta status. In more detail:
  • 3D z model: alpha, undergoing validation, but our current focus is even more on validation of sigma layers.
  • .. [T, S, Rho, outfalls, intake etc]" All of these have been implemented already, but the validation warning still applies.
  • Unstructured SWAN: not available, and no work has been planned for this yet: we are currently validating the coupling between 2D Delft3D-FLOW and *structured* SWAN. The coupling is flexible enough to facilitate a coupling with UnSWAN in the future (FM and SWAN grids don't need to coincide, interpolation is taken care of).
  • Online sediment transport and morphology: has been implemented for 2D, currently undergoing validation. We intend to finish the current validation set in 2017. For 3D models, implementation is being done now, detailed validation will continue during/after the 2D FLOW-MOR validation.

Regarding availability: none of the above will be available as fully validated functionalities in the upcoming 2016 release.

The full 3D functionality is in the release, though, so you could use it. GUI functionality is limited, but you can run and postprocess a 3D model. In 2017 it is not yet covered by the standard support service contracts, though. We welcome your experiences, but application in projects needs a risk assessment that you should make yourself.

The sed-mor functionality is in a code branch that is not part of the release, so it is not available. Validation has our full focus, so definitely, news will come in the second half of 2017.