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Speeding up Flow runs?

Christopher Fontenot, modified 4 Years ago.

Speeding up Flow runs?

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 7/12/13 Recent Posts
I've got a FLOW model from a hydrology team that I'm working with. The machine here is roughly equivalent to theirs in terms of power. However, the hydrology team's machine runs their FLOW simulation in about 16 hours, and mine says it'll take 6 days.

We're both running Windows (they're using Win7 Pro, I've got Win10). MPICH is installed on both, I've got 32gb RAM (16gb more than theirs), we're both using i7's (mine is slightly older than theirs), and I've got the model input & output and Delft3d installed on a SATA3 SSD (theirs is on a normal HDD).

I'm leaving out some technical details for the sake of brevity, obviously. I'm mostly hoping for a troubleshooting guide at this point. Can anyone offer some advice on where I can look to speed my FLOW runs up?

Michal Kleczek, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: Speeding up Flow runs?

Padawan Posts: 59 Join Date: 10/23/14 Recent Posts
Dear Christopher,

I see this issue is open for a very long time and you still did not receive any tips. Did you in a mean-time notice an improvement in the speed-time?
Our team is currently busy with making sure that Delft3D Flexible Mesh works well on Windows 10 so for now I cannot say if newer OS can cause it.
Currently our release, including Beta-releases (if you are the part of the Beta-programme) have support for Windows 7.

Please let me know which version of our software you are using.

Kind regards,