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Problem while importing the discharge file

Dong Liang, modified 4 Years ago.

Problem while importing the discharge file

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I always get into trouble when import time-series discharge data in Delft3D GUI. Generally, I define the location of the discharge and save the .src file and .dis file first, then I open the .dis file with a text editor, usually Notepad++, and copy the data from Excel and replace the discharge respectively. Sometimes it works well, but sometimes not. And if I revise the data in the file and reload it. It always get into trouble.
Error info shows like this: "No time-series found for discharge Dis1." It seems the GUI get in trouble finding the time-series data. I compare the .dis file created by delft3d and the file I edit. It is OK. However, it does not work.
I can make it work if I redo it by save a .dis file and replace the data one by one again. But if I have several discharges, it will be a hard work.
Hope someone can help me. Thanks!
Erik de Goede, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Problem while importing the discharge file (Answer)

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Dear Dong,

You have posted your question in the wrong (Delft3D Flexible Mesh) forum. This should have been posted in the (Delft3D) forum, see
Nevertheless, I will answer your question.
You are following the correct procedure by generating a model with dummy boundary values with the GUI. In a second step, you replace the data blocks by real data. Several things can happen:
*) you forget to update the number of records
*) your data block does not contain enough values
The GUI complains about the discharge that is wrong. So, you can focus on this data block only. In this data block there is an error, which has to be solved.

Erik de Goede