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Spatially varying roughness

Curtis Swanepoel, modified 3 Years ago.

Spatially varying roughness

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In the Deflt3d wave module you can select bottom friction, so there's the choice of JONSWAP, COLLINS and MADSEN.

In the Delft3d flow module there is a bottom roughness formula where you can choose CHEZY, MANNING, COLEBROOK.

So if I am trying to implement space varying roughness of a coral reef. Where do I implement it???

Currently I have made the varying bottom roughness file through quickin by adjusting the mannings number and selecting mannings as the bottom roughness formula in the flow module. Is this correct? Or do i have to set up a varying bottom friction file in the wave module?? if so how do you do that?

My model is meant to show the wave attenuation over a reef to an island. My flow grid only surrounds the island which is nested in a larger grid which spans the entire reef.

Thank you for your time