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spatially varying initial conditions

Karoline Wischnewski, modified 4 Years ago.

spatially varying initial conditions

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Hello all,

I am currently running a 10-layer model simulating heat and matter transport using Delft3D. Due to very long computation times and inflexible modulation of my grid. I was wondering to shift my model over to Delft3D FM. I got as far as to the initial conditions where I could only subscribe constant values for water level and temperature (no option for the pollutant). I could not find to import spatially varying values especially for the initial temperature.

The version I am working with is not the very newest, but from about a year ago. I am wondering if it the initial conditions are more flexible in the newest version and also if the z-layer model is working in the newest version.

Thank you very much,
Erik de Goede, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: spatially varying initial conditions (Answer)

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Dear Karoline,

In the newest release of Delta Shell 2017 (Delft3D M Suite 2017 HMWQ, Version, which will become available in open source users in March 2017, spatially varying initial temperatures can be specified. This works in the same way as e.g., the spatially varying bed level. Next, when you switch from a 2D to a 3D model, then this initial temperature field will be applied to all layers. Thus, this functionality will become available soon.

In the DeltaShell GUI only sigma-layers can be selected. However, you can manually change keyword layertype from 1 (sigma) to 2 (Z-model). Noted that both 3D sigma modelling and 3D z-layer modelling has not been released yet!

With kind regards,

Erik de Goede