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Fixed Weir Issue

Emma Nuss, modified 3 Years ago.

Fixed Weir Issue

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 3/14/17 Recent Posts
Hi all,

I am setting up a model run of a coastal area with a number of salt ponds and am running into some problems with adding fixed weirs to represent the boundaries of these ponds. It appears from my tests and a line from the technical manual (" A cell is either on one side of a ?xed weir, or on the other side.") that if a fixed weir bisects a grid cell, the model will crash when trying to run. Does anybody know the best way to snap the fixed weir points to the boundaries of the nearest grid cell? Or any other solutions to this problem. Any thoughts or help are appreciated, thanks!
Jing Zhao, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: Fixed Weir Issue

Padawan Posts: 29 Join Date: 7/12/16 Recent Posts
Dear Emma,

What is the version number of Delft3D FM you are using?

In the case when a fixed weir bisects a grid cell, it will be automatically identified as on the grid edges with which the fixed weir intersects (this is what means by the texts in the technical manual 'Weirs are discretely represented along mesh lines. ... A cell is either on one side of a fixed weir, or on the other side.'). So I do not expect the problem that it will crash. Could you double check your model, and let me know if it still crashes?

Kind regards,

Jing Zhao