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Delft3d-FM strom surge modelling

Chil Lee, modified 3 Years ago.

Delft3d-FM strom surge modelling

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I'm Chilwoo.

I am a student studying at Korea.

I have simulated using delft3D-FLOW.

Recently, I am trying to simulate a storm surge using Delft3d FM.

I have a simple question.

When I enter the Spider Web grid file on FM, can I use the .spw file using the dashboard?

Does delft3d-FLOW and FM use the same spider web grid file (.spw)?

and How do I set the atmospheric pressure in FM?

Average air pressure on bounds/ average initial air pressure are 0 N/m^2 or 101325.00000 N/m^2 ?? (ex airout = Y, Gapres= 101325.00000)

Please answer a simple question.

I always thank you, guys.

Thank you.