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Python libraries for D-Flow FM

Dmitry Kushnir, modified 3 Years ago.

Python libraries for D-Flow FM

Youngling Posts: 12 Join Date: 11/9/12 Recent Posts
Hi all,

I' ve seen that there are some interesting Python modules (called libraries in Delta-Shell) for setting up a D-Flow FM model . For example, SpatialOperations for setting up the bathymetry, FlowFlexibleMeshfunctions etc. The description can be found via this link:

Will these libraries be available for open-source users?


Michal Kleczek, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: Python libraries for D-Flow FM (Answer)

Padawan Posts: 57 Join Date: 10/23/14 Recent Posts
Dear Dmitry,

Currently a few of the libraries for Python Scripting are part of the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite.
To go to the location of these libraries follow the steps:
  • Locate your Toolbox window. Add it to the view if it is not open.
  • In the Toolbox window expand the following:Toolbox -> Scripts -> Libraries
  • Use the right mouse button menu on the Libraries directory and select the option: "Open the location with windows explorer"

Now you are in the location of the Python Libraries that are delivered together with DeltaShell. You could add here your own libraries, however, I recommend to create a separate directory so you don't overwrite original libraries.

Please note the following:
  • Python Scripting is still a Beta functionality and if you start experimenting you may encounter some problems.
  • We are very interested in your application and what you think about this feature.
  • Please share your feedback with us. Let us know what you miss or how we could improve it.
  • Do you find this feature useful?

King regards,