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wind data input

Reza Shafiei, modified 2 Years ago.

wind data input

Youngling Posts: 11 Join Date: 11/7/17 Recent Posts

I am trying to introduce a 5 m/s constant wind velocity into my hydrodynamic model in FM Suite 2017 (for current velocity modelling). I have created a time series of wind velocity and direction, and added that to the model using the project tree's wind section. Although I've used very large wind velocity there is no effect on the current velocity. Appreciate if someone could help on how to introduce wind velocity in FM Suite 2017 for current velocity modelling.

Many thanks,
Jing Zhao, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: wind data input

Padawan Posts: 29 Join Date: 7/12/16 Recent Posts

Dear Reza,

Could you try a newer version of FM (2018) to see if you could reproduce this problem?

Kind regards,

Jing Zhao